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Jgiancola2 01-10-2015 18:58 PM

Thinking about joining have a question
I'm 22 years old and I've really been putting some thought into joining the Marines. I have a question about my driving record. When I was younger and first got my license I got a lot of tickets I thought I could drive the way I wanted to and not the laws. I haven't had a ticket in 2 or 3 years now so I was wondering if having a bad driving record would disqualify me from joining?

Chuck 01-10-2015 19:11 PM

You may want to check with a recruiter on this question because things keep changing all the time. When the Marine Corps needs to expand they lower their requirements somewhat. When the are reducing in size like they are doing now they become very strict. If you really have a really bad driving record with a possible suspension of your license involved your chances of joining the Marine Corps is very slim if at all.

Chuck 01-10-2015 19:15 PM

If you have a bad driving record or any kind of a police record do not try to hide it because they will find out on your background check. Every joiner gets a background check and they will find out things about you that you thought no one would ever find out.

Jgiancola2 01-10-2015 21:55 PM

Yes my license has been suspended before when i was like 17/18. Thanks for your help.

Chuck 05-23-2015 21:16 PM

Jgiancola2 now that a few months have gone by.... Has anything happened? Did you join "My Marine Corps?". :huh:

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