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superbubba 10-10-2009 08:05 AM

Accept H.S. Diploma from Nation High School?
Hi everyone. My 19 year old son is trying to become a Marine. He thought he had a "regular" high school diploma, but found out he doesn't. While he was still in high school, he went through a special GED "fast track" program. This program was supposed to be different from the GED in that if he passed, he would receive a "regular" high school diploma. Well, we now found it is just a regular GED! Do you know if the Marines will accept a H.S. diploma from Nation High School (online). They are a fully accredited high school and they tell me it is a regular high school diploma and others have gone into the Marines and had no problem. Do you know if it is acceptable? And if so, would he still just need a 31/32 minimum ASVAB? Thanks in advance.

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