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Originally Posted by futuremarine1 View Post
Thank You for replying to my post guys. I really appreciate it and got a lot out of what you guys said. The reason I want to become a grunt is because I feel like I should be on the front lines defending our country. Also, I heard you have to serve in the infantry to be able to apply for MARSOC. Any information on the infantry or MARSOC would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your replies.
Mike, don't take this the wrong way, but PLEASE do not refer to these men as GUYS. Frank and Chuck are Marine Officers that just happen to be retired from active duty. Please show them the proper respect in the future.

Yes, currently it's true you have to have an Infantry MOS to even be considered for MARSOC. Within the past year, a change was made allowing you to specify in your contract that you want MARSOC. Assuming you make it thru boot camp and earn the Title, you will be given the opportunity to take the RECON INDOC Test (after SOI). Flunk it and you continue your training as a Marine Infantryman. Pass it and you will be given the opportunity to pass MANY more tests and successfully complete a lot of training before you are ever assigned to a Unit. MANY try, but FEW make it.

Mike, keep in mind that you have a minimum of 2.5 years before you are eligible to become a Marine Recruit. Requirements and qualifications can and will change during that time. Continue with your physical activities / training and your academic training. Who knows, you may even decide to continue your education beyond high school and become a Marine Officer. Don't scoff at the idea - - it happens all the time!!

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