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Originally Posted by LKLowe View Post

I am interested in joining but have no support from my family or most of my friends.

I feel like everything about this decision is right however, they feel differently.

Up to this point in my life I really have never felt so adamant about a decision regarding my future. I have always been very indecisive when it came down to what I wanna do. I had thoughts of wanting to do many different hairstyling or become a forensic pathologist...and when I would talk to my family or friends about my ideas and share my thoughts they would always tell me "we support you no matter what." Now they've led me to believe otherwise due to the way they have been acting and talking ever since I told them that joining is what I really want to do.

So as of right now I'm confused and a little hurt....I know it's my life and I should do what I want but not having their support makes this decision way harder.

Is anyone dealing with the same issue? If so...I could really use some advice...Thanks.
i had the same problem, but once i deped in people started seeing the small effects the marine corp started doing on me. they will soon start saying how proud they are of you and how much they have seen you improve. i was 17 when i debt in june 1 2010. i am 18 now still in the dep waiting to graduate highschool. my ship date is june 6, people have doubted me and they have criticied me. but the only thing that matters is that you want to become a marine. achieve that goal.
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