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JoeSchmoe_01 Frank is correct. You will have to go through our Marine Corps Boot camp. Even though you may be a Sgt in the Army reserve our boot camp will not be easy.

No duty station is a guarantee and trying to get a guaranteed duty station like Frank said is next to impossible no matter what you may be told.

A good example of that is me. I wanted to go to the east coast area. But because I lived west of the Mississippi when I enlisted I was sent to MCRD San Diego for my boot camp. Then after boot camp and advanced combat training (ITR) I thought I was going to still be shipped to the eastern US. But I was given orders to Cold Weather Training near Lake Tahoe, California. From there I had orders to continue on to Alaska where I was to be stationed for two years. But low and behold upon completion of cold weather training my orders were changed and I was sent to the 4th Marine Brigade at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for my first 2 year duty station.

The only time I was able to get to the east coast area was when I was commissioned a mustang 2ndLt in 1963. I was sent to TBS for the one and only time on the east coast. All of my duty for the next 14 years was on the west coast in the San Francisco Bay area.

In this day and age no matter what you pick, what the Marine Corps wants you to do comes first. You will be deployed to a foreign country within your 1st two years of active duty. Your changes of going to the sand pit are almost 95%. So, that gives you something to look forward to.

No matter what your MOS turns out to be you will have to earn it. You will not just be able to pick and get it. The odds are stacked against you unless you really work hard for what you want and you excel over all the others trying to get the same job.

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