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Originally Posted by GRS4870 View Post
Also Joe you best be in damn good shape as in boot camp you will be with mostly 17 and 18 year old young men so you will be like a dad to them. In addition, the drill instructors could make it real tuff for you unless you can compete and have some good leadership qualities.

I have been retired for 40 years and things change, but I am positive you will be given a general contract, (with no guarantees). To be a Marine you must perform in what ever job you are assigned, even out of your military occupational speciality.

If you do cross over I wish you the best.
Thank you, gentlemen, for the motivating words. I am hoping that excelling above my peers would greater my chances of getting what I want.

I do not intend to be difficult or picky, but I have a series of questions. Here are two of them:

1. How long are the deployments in the Marine Corps?
2. Is it possible to go Reserves, pick Camp Pendleton, then go Active Duty and keep Camp Pendleton? (Heard this idea from an intelligent Marine who's in for only, more or less, two years)

I would be proud to earn my title, U.S. Marine, and represent the Corps. I worked in a Joint-Task Force while deployed and I have not seen as much professionalism and brotherhood as the USMC. Thank you again.
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