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Originally posted by ajusmc
To all that prayed for my wife, all is well as can be. She was allowed to come home today. When we started all this in Jan for her neck, it was decided that the C-5 & C-6 needed to be fused together to do the cartlidge not being thier any more. When we did the first session with the Dr., he suggested a new type of replacement that works like a replacement joint that has been being used in Belguim for the last 10 years. The FDA finally agreed for the test's, she is one of 200 folks in the country that has this type of prostectic in her neck. When they released her today she has noticed that she is able to move her neck better than before and that the pain and numbness is gone.

God Bless all and thank you

~AJ & Norma~
Outstanding News AJ,

I will keep the prayers going...and you and the Mrs. will be in my thougths...


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