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Originally Posted by marine2be623 View Post
Hello all,

I leave July 16th for MCRD San Diego I was told after recruit training comes SOI and that it is 30 days by my recruiter, however while researching online i read that it is 59 days long because i will be infantry so i will attend ITB. Can anyone clarify this for me? Also my big question is during the time i am at SOI will my wife be allowed to move to base with me or will we have to wait until after i complete ITB?
Since your MOS will be 03xx, you will not attend the basic infantry traing at SOI. You will attend whatever 03xx MOS school you are assigned for the 59 days.

No spouses are authorized any moves until your basic schooling is complete. Once you have graduated your MOS school and are assigned your duty station, then you will be able to get the ball rolling for the movement of your spouse to your duty station.
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