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Welcome to

Welcome to

It is our hope that you will enjoy your visits here. We hope that you will feel free to use our forums to communicate with your friends and loved ones.

The forums located on this web page are set up to give you both information and the ability to communicate.

If you use more than one user name, your membership will be subject to review and all user names canceled/banned.

Our rules are simple:
In the open forums watch your language because children can see what is there.

It is forbidden to put any kind of link to any porn site or other commercial site. You may only link your non commercial sites. All posts with commercial links in them will be deleted and you will be banned from this web forum. Remember this is a private non commercial site.

Do not bash other members. That just about covers it.

If you are reading this as a Guest, you can view most of our forums but you will not be able to take advantage of any of the additional features until you register with a user name and password of your choice.

Forum Identification:

Open Forums - All registered members have access to all the open forums. You may post, gain access to the membership list (temporally invisible for security reasons), submit Private Messages (PM's) and use internal email.

E Club Back Room - Registered members only. This forum may contain ADULT language and Graphics. View at your own risk.

The Select FEW - a private forum for Male US Marines and FMF Corpsmen. For more information Contact "Larry" (CO) or click the icon for information and application.

Ritenour Class of 1956 - A private forum with restricted membership. If you are a member of any Ritenour High School Class, Overland, Missouri you may contact “Chuck” via PM or send an email to: Chuck to apply for access.

Current MEGA Members - A private forum for Marines who have served on Embassy Duty. Marine Embassy Guard Association members are given access to this forum with appropriate application. Contact "Lance” via PM or send an email to: Lance to request information and apply for membership.

Want to start a forum for a non-commercial private organization or group?? Contact "Chuck" by PM or send an email to: Chuck

Having problems registering? It may be because you are in a foreign country. Send Chuck a email with your problem and he will check out your registration problem on a one on one basis. Send a email to: Chuck

If you register and then try to post you may find that you can not post. The reason for this is that you are not using your true email address from your true email account. You are using a email address that may be from a "jump over" location. If you are using a email address that you can not receive email to complete your registration you will be left in outer space, never to be able to complete your registration so that you can post here. Most of you that try this are kids that roam the interent looking for places where you can post junk or post pron. That will not happen on this web site. We are protected by SiteLock.

The music embedded on this tread is by the United States Marine Corps Band.

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